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NBPNP 移民计划面试准备参考

NB 的官员会由申请者的工作经验,教育背景,在纽省考察内容, 未来在纽省投资创业计划内容,预 计投资金额,移民理由,财务状况等方面来谈。 尤其是未来到 NB 后的投资企业计划, 请务必详读该 资料 NB officials will interview applicants' work experience, education, itinerary of visit, business plan, immigration purpose, financial situation and etc. Especially for the business plan for future business in New Brunswick. **请注意:因每个人的背景不同, 所以针对下列问题, 只是列举一些模拟的回答, 而申请者须依据 实际状况诚实回答。 **Please note that the following Q & A are just examples for your reference. Every applicant has different background so that he/she should respond his/her own true situation and experience to each question. 1. Simply Greetings/ 简单问候 Q1: Hi, Nice to meet you. 你好, 很高兴见到你 Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你 Q2: What is your name? 你叫什么名字? A: My name is ... 我的名字是... Q3: How is your trip? When did you arrive in NB? 旅途可好?什么时候到达的? A: My trip is great. I arrived in NB on last Thursday. 我的旅途很好,我上周四到达... Q4: How do you like NB? 喜欢 NB 吗? A: I like NB; it is a very beautiful province. I love the air and it is very close to nature. I also like The people here. They are very friendly. 我很喜欢 NB 省, 这里很漂亮. 我喜欢这里的空气, 很贴*大自然。 我很喜欢这里的人, 他们都很友好。 Q5. Have you been to Canada? Where have you been? 来加拿大吗?去那些地方? A:This is my first time visit Canada.这是我第一次来加拿大。 Q6. How did you know about New Brunswick PNP program?你是怎么知道 NBPNP 移民计划的? A: I heard about it from my immigration consultant/friends. And I really like it. 由移民顾问/朋友推荐, 觉得还不错

Q7. Why do you choose to immigrate to New Brunswick? 为什么选择移民到 NB 省呢? A: I want to immigrate to New Brunswick because NB has one of the best educations in the world and I want my child to get the best education possible. More importantly, I like the business environment here, the business cost is low, government is very supportive to business and there are lots of business opportunities. 我想移民到 NB 省时因为这里有世界一流的教学质量, 我希望我的小孩在这里接受教育。 更重要的原因 是我喜欢这里的商业环境, 商业成本较低, 政府也很支持企业发展,这里有很多商业机会。 Q8:Have you even applied for immigration to Canada before? 以前是否有提出加拿大移民申请?结果如何?

A: No.this is my first application for immigration to Canada. 没有,这是我第一次申请加拿大移民。 Q9:Will you settle down in NB?Where?Are you going to buy a house? Where will your children go to school? 你将会在 NB 省定居吗?在哪里定居?你会买房子吗?你的小孩会去哪里上学? A:I will settle down in NB. I'd like to live in Saint John/Fredericton/Moncton. I will buy a house. My child will go to University of New Brunswick(Local high school,middle school).我会在 NB 省定居。 我会居住在。。。,我要买房子,我希望我的小孩到 NB 省立大学读书。

Q10: Do you know the requirement of NBPNP program?你知道 NBPNP 移民计划的要求吗? A:Yes, I know I need to settle in NB as soon as I receive the immigrant visa. Also I need to do my business as the plan I present to you originally. 移民签证取得后, 必须定居 NB 且必须执行我 当时所提出的企业计划。 Q11: After your application is approved, how are you going to improve your English? 你的申请通过后,你计划怎样提高英语? A: I plan to take some English training courses at the University of New Brunswick.我计划去 NB 大学开设 的英文提高班。 Q12:Which visa office do you prefer to submit your immigration application? 你想送件到哪个大使馆处理你的移民申请? A: Beijing/Hong Kong. 北京/香港 2 Family Information/家庭情况

Q1: Can you introduce yourself? 能简单介绍一下自己吗? A: My name is...I am ...years old. I currently work for ...company as...(title). 我的名字是...我今年...岁了。我现在在。。。公司工作,我的职务是。。。 Q2. How old are you? 你今年几岁? A. (请依实际状况回答) Q3. How many children do you have?How old are they? What are they doing? 小孩有几个?各是几岁?目前在做什么? A.(请依实际状况回答) Q4 What do your spouse do? How old is he/she/your spouse? 配偶从事什么工作?几岁? A. (请依实际状况回答) Q5. What is the highest degree of your spouse or common-law partner? What is his/her major? 配偶的最高学历是什么?主修什么? A. (请依实际状况回答)

Q6: How is your spouse and children? 你的配偶和小孩怎么样? A: My wife /husband works at ... Company. He/she is ...(title) there. 我的妻子/丈夫在。。。公司工作。他(她)的职务是。。。

I have ...children. His/her name is ...He/She goes to high school/middle school/ primary school 我有---小孩。他的名字是。。。他现在在 XX 高中/初中/小学上学 Q7: Does your spouse or children speak English? 你的配偶和小孩会讲英文吗? A: Yes, my wife/husband/children could speak some English. 我的妻子/丈夫/小孩会将一些英文。 Q8: Do you have any relatives (or friends) in New Brunswick ( or Canada)? 在 NB 省(加拿大)有亲戚和朋友吗? A: No. I don't have any relatives or friends in New Brunswick ( or Canada). 我在 NB 省(加拿大)没有亲戚朋友。 Yes. I have a friend here. His/Her name is ....He lives at...(city) 我在 NB 省(加拿大)有一个朋友, 他的名字是。。。他现在住在。。。市

3. Education/ working Experiences 教育/工作经历 Q1: What is your highest degree? What do you study, any majors? 你的最高学历是什么?你主修什么? A: I have....degree. My major is ... 我有。。。学历。我主修。。。课程 Q2: Have you ever taken any other courses?还有上过其他课程吗? A: No. I did not.没有 Yes, I took course in...有, 我曾经上过。。。课程。 Q3: Where did you learn English? Do you use English a lot at work? 你从哪里学的英语?你在工作中会用到英语吗? A: I learned English through high school/university. I don't use a lot English at work. 我在高中/大学学的英语。偶尔在工作中用到英文。 Q4: What was your first job? How did you get it? 你的第一份工作是什么?你怎么得到这份工作的? A: My first job was at...company. A friend referred me to work there/I was assigned to work there after graduation. 我的第一份工作是在。。。公司,朋友介绍我去那里工作的/毕业分配。 Q5: Can you talk about your current job? How much do you get paid? How many people do you manage?能介绍一下你现在的工作吗?你的工资是多少?你管理多少人? A: I currently work at... company.My monthly salary is RMB...I also get paid based on a Commission rate of X%. I manage...staffs. 我现在在。。。公司工作。我的职务是。。。我的职责包括。。。我的月工资是 RMB。。, 此外, 我还拿公司销售 X%的提成, 我一共管理。。。人。 Q6: What does your company do?你的公司是做什么生意的? A. (请依实际状况回答, 请参考自传及公司简介回答) Q7. Talk about your job and position? Do you control the budget for company? If it is Yes, Please describe in details 谈谈你目前的工作内容及职务?是否有控制预算?如有,是为多少? A.(描述您目前的工作职责及负责范围,请参考自传回答)

4. Personal Net Worth/个人资产 Q1: How much money do you have? How much do you plan to bring into New Brunswick when you landed? 你的资产总值是多少?你预计移民登陆时会带多少资金来 NB 省? A: My total net worth is RMB...I plan to bring $...在 NB 省。 我的资产总值是人民币。。。元, 我 计划带。。。元 Q2: Do you have any properties? When did you purchase it? How much does it worth now? 你有不动产吗?什么时候买的?市值多少钱? A: Yes. I do have a locates at...I paid RMB...to buy it. Its market value is RMB... 我有一处房产位于。。。我花了。。。人民币买的。市值约是。。。 Q3. Do you have any loan/mortgage?是否有贷款? A. (请依实际状况回答,并参考送件数据) Q4. How do you accumulate your personal assets?你如何累积到目前的个人资产金额? A. (请依实际状况回答。 例如: 夫妇的工作收入累积或投资不动产股票.....等方式。请仔细核 算, 依符 合所申报的资产金额。 ) *If you are a company's president or shareholder, you should prepare both the above and the following mentioned questions. 如是公司的负责人或股东, 除了上述问题亦需准备下列之问题。 Q1. When did the company found/set up? How much did you invest at that time? How much % of company ownership (shares) did you have?何时成立公司? 当时投资多少? 占公司多少股份? A. (请依实际状况 回答) Q2. What was you financial source? 此笔资金任何来的? A. (请依实际状况回答。 例如: 夫妇的工作收入累积或投资不动产股票...等方式。请仔细核算, 以符合 所申报的资产金额。) Q3. What are your business items? How many employees in your company? 营业项目是什么? 公司员工多少人? A. (请依实际状况回答) Q4. What is your job description and responsibility?你的工作内容及职责为何? A. (请依实际状况回答) Q5. How is the business revenue in the recent three years? Do you make profit? *三年的营业额如何? 有利润吗? A5.(请依实际状况回答) Q6. Export or import? What clients do you have?内销还是外销? 客户有哪些? A6. (请依实际状况回答) Q7. How much company shares (%) do you own?现在你拥有多少公司股份? A7. (请依实际状况回答)

Q8. How many shareholders? Who are they? 股东有几个人? 都有谁? A8. (请依实际状况回答) 5. Exploratory visit/考察内容 Q1. Is this your first time visit NB? When did you arrive here? How many days have you stayed Where did you visit?第一次来 NB 吗?何时到的?停留了几天?去那些地方? Q2. How is your impression of NB? How do you like about NB? 对 NB 的印象如何?喜欢 NB 吗? Q3. Have you visited related companies during these days? Or other related office or units? 这些天是否有去参观一些相关的公司? 或拜访一些相关单位? A. (请依实际状况回答) here?

Q4.Will you buy a house in NB? Where will you settle down? 会在 NB 买房子吗? 会定居在哪里? A. (请依实际状况回答) Q5. Do you know about the university, primarily school or high school in NB? Have you visited this school?知 道 NB 的大学或其他中小学吗? 去看过这些学校吗? A. (请依实际状况回答) Q6. Where will you to have the ESL class after you immigrant to NB? 你移民 NB 后, 预计在哪里学英文? A. I know the University of New Brunswick has the ESL program. 我知道 New Brunswick 大学所设的 ESL 学英文。


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